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Tiny Turtle Jewelry’s earrings are unique, handmade clay earrings designed for any occasion. The clay gets conditioned, cut, and baked carefully and individually. All of the designs and colors are something that anyone can enjoy! Tiny Turtle Jewelry can dress up any outfit and can give you a little more confidence in your look. To purchase, email Joli Duquenne for custom designs or be inspired by recent design photos found here. Tiny Turtle earrings can also be found at a variety of Normal and Bloomington, IL shops. We'll also be at the Makers Market
at Destihl Brewery coming soon!

AW Collection

Seasonal Collections


Small earrings, BIG impact.


Small dainty earrings. Cute and tiny.

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Not too small, not too large. The perfect size for the perfect girl.

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A statement piece for your favorite outfit. Who can live without it?

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Not an earring gal?

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